Tips for Planning a Doctor Visit

Visiting a medical professional can be stressful, and since your time with the doctor is valuable, it is important to come prepared for your visit. Here are some tips for planning a doctor visit so that you'll be well-prepared: Make a list of the symptoms you're experiencing, including when they started, how often they occur, if they occur at certain times or when doing certain activities, and anything you've found that improves the symptoms.

Make a list of the medications you're taking, including supplements and vitamins. It can be very helpful to bring the medications to the appointment.

Make a note of anything that has happened since your last appointment, such as a hospital visit, a fall, or illness such as the flu.

If you would like your son, daughter, or other relative to be able to talk to the doctor on your behalf, bring a written letter that states your permission, the name of the person or persons, their birth date, and contact information.

Make a note of any exercise that you are doing, such as a morning walk, or walking the dog.

If you have seen other doctors recently, bring along their contact information.

Last, write down any questions you have for the doctor. Ask about new types of medications that could replace any that you feel may not be working for you.

Once you have your list ready, you will feel much more prepared for your doctor visit, and your doctor will appreciate it too!