Apps for Managing Medications

There are apps for everything it seems, including managing your medications. How do you choose among the many apps that are out there? The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences conducted research and from over 400 apps, they identified the top 5 apps they considered most trustworthy.

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder lets you schedule different types of medications with the description, dosage, and frequency. The app also lets you track drug intake plus blood pressure, pulse, weight and temperature. Weekly, monthly and annual reports can be shared with your doctor.

MyMeds sends daily reminders by text or email and notifies you about refills. You can add family members and build a treatment team. You can win MyMeds Points for taking your prescriptions on time.

Care4today Mobile Health Manager also has reminders, with timing, dosage and tracking, plus reminders for refills, and useful reports. Information can be shared with your doctor and it can also be connected to your healthcare provider and your family members as an added reminder to take medication on time.

Dosecast allows you to assign multiple reminders for each medication and has a nady postpone option. You can set the maximum number of allowed doses and the app tracks remaining amounts of each of your medicines. It will also sends refill reminders,

CareZone allows you to take pictures of your medication bottles and it pulls the information into the app. You can then print a copy of your medication schedule to have on hand for doctor appointments or urgent care. The calendar allows you to keep track of doctors appointments.


*This information is not intended as medical advice and Loudoun Senior Interest Network does not have an affiliation with any of the apps described. Always seek the advice of a doctor if you have any questions about your medical care.