Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp

So it's the start of a new week, and plenty of room in the schedule! Today we're sharing some ideas to keep those days filled and keep your mind active and engaged. Conversation - Make plans to chat over the phone with a friend or relative or step outside for a walk and chat with a neighbor. Just ten minutes of conversation is just as beneficial as activities such as brain games.

Recording Stories - Write down (or type into a computer or record) stories of your lifetime. Start with stories from when you were young and keep going through the teen years and beyond, writing down as much as you can remember. Your children, grandchildren, and generations to come will enjoy reading about what your life was like.

Similar to recording stories, how about creating a recipe book of old family recipes? Send out post cards asking family members to contribute recipes with stories attached to each one. Compile everything into a family recipe book and then have copies made to give to each family member.

Painting - Watercolor painting is easy - just get a set of watercolor paints and some white paper. Let your imagine go free! Save the paintings to give to your grandchildren or hang your favorite on the fridge!

Hobbies - Think back over the years to hobbies that you used to do. Do you still have your old camera - how about photography? Woodshop tools - create some small projects for yourself or to give as gifts during the holidays. Dust off the sewing machine and make a trip to the local fabric store to get inspired by new fabrics, patterns, and colors. Coin collecting, stamp collecting, scrapbooking, and pottery are just a few more ideas to get you started.

If gardening outdoors is not possible due to climate or other conditions, consider growing an indoor garden. There are many options available ranging from herbs to strawberries, to cactus and succulents.  Take a trip to the local nursery to get recommendations and supplies.

Music - Do you long for those oldies? Get the help of a young relative to show you how to load digital music on an ipod or other portable device. Add a speaker and earplugs or headphones, and you have music on the go! Take it along with you on walks, when lounging by the pool, or at the gym.

We hope these ideas will get you inspired and on your way to some enjoyable days doing things you love.