Pet Friendly Assisted Living

Do you have a pet that you would like to take along with you when you move to an assisted living community? Here are some considerations when considering pet friendly assisted living: Does the community's program take steps to ensure your pet's safety and well-being? If the pet needs medications, is there someone who can ensure they are given on a regular schedule?

Is there a Pet Care Coordinator at the community to help make sure your pet and the other pets are well cared for and are up-to-date on vaccines and veterinary care? You will want to be sure your pet is groomed, fed, walked and happy, especially if you are not able to supply all of the pet's needs.

Assisted Living Communities realize the many benefits of pet therapy. Having pets around is good for other residents who may not have pets of their own. A withdrawn resident may start to interact if a friendly dog or cat is around. The unconditional love that pets provide can be very calming and grounding for those who are experiencing difficult times in their lives.