Checklist for Evaluating Assisted Living Facilities

As you begin evaluating Assisted Living Facilities, you may wonder what types of questions you should ask. There are the obvious questions, such as costs and fees, floor plans, levels of care, and services provided. As you begin to compare one facility to another, you may need a more detailed list of questions. This list should help you find out everything you can about the facilities you visit. How is the curb appeal? Does it look like a place where you would want to live? Does it feel like a good 'fit' for you? Does the staff welcome you as you enter? Do residents appear happy and comfortable? If you can, char with residents about how they like the facility and the staff. How large is the facility? Is the facility clean and kept at a comfortable temperature? Are there periodic assessments of the residents' needs? Is there assistance with medications, and is self-administration allowed? What is the procedure in the event of a medical emergency or facility emergency? Is transportation provided to medical appointments or other services? Can you bring your own furnishings? Are regular activities held? Are pets allowed? Can special dietary needs be accommodated? Can family members spend the night?

As you conduct your evaluation, add additional questions to the list!