Using Mail Order Prescriptions

Make sure you take advantage of mail order prescriptions. If you have medications that you take regularly, you could have lower out-of-pocket costs and convenience by using a mail-order pharmacy. Check your medical benefit plan to see if you can save money by having your doctor prescribe a 3-month supply of medication by mail. There will be fewer refills and possibly lower out-of-pocket costs.

Mail order medications come right to your house, usually with standard shipping at no cost to you. Pharmacists at mail order pharmacies can help you manage all of your prescriptions, making it simpler and easier for you. They can also provide Information about possible lower-cost medication options, just like your neighborhood pharmacy can.

Start by asking your doctor for a new prescription for up to a 3-month supply of your ongoing medications, plus refills for up to one year (if appropriate). Mail the new prescription with the order form to the mail order pharmacy.