Are You Prepared for Severe Weather?

Here are some tips and ideas for being prepared for severe weather.

The first is to make a  disaster  supplies  kit and have it packed and ready in one place before a disaster hits. The kit should have enough supplies to last for at least three days. Store your supplies in one or more labeled, easy-to-carry containers, such as a backpack or wheeled travel bag.

Label any equipment, such as wheelchairs, canes or walkers, that you would need with your name, address and phone numbers.

Some typical supplies include water, canned or dried foods, flashlight with extra batteries, battery-operated radio, First aid kit, medications and medical items, a multipurpose tool, sanitation and personal hygiene items, copies of important documents (list of medication list and dosing information, deed/lease to home, birth certificates, insurance policies), cell phone with an extra battery and charger, family/friends contact information, cash, emergency blanket, map of the local area, a change of clothing, can opener, pet supplies, extra set of keys.

Know your community’s response and evacuation plans especially for evacuating  those  without  private transportation.

If you receive home care, speak with your case manager about a plan.

Determine the fastest escape routes out of your home and evacuation routes out of your neighborhood.

Plan on a meeting place outside of your neighborhood in case you cannot return home.

Contact your local   volunteer   fire   department and  let  them  know  what your  needs are and how they might be able to assist in your disaster plan.

If  you  live  in  a  senior living community,  become  familiar  with  emergency plans that may already have in place.