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Tradition 2 Transformation

In today’s workforce, (a conglomeration of Baby-Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials) leaders and business owners must recognize and fulfill the unique needs of every generation, and every employee as an individual in their organization if they expect to be successful or even survive.

The days of hiring based on skillset, dangling the prestigious promotion carrot, and offering traditional healthcare and vacation benefits have long lost their once alluring luster. To attract and retain top talent, companies must be aware of employee opinions and be forward-thinking in their efforts to daily optimize their teams.

This is your opportunity to transform your organization!

Begin the Transformation with One Power-Packed Symposium!

July, 25 2018

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

(Seating and on-line user seats are limited to first 300. This will be a sold out event.)

During this 4-hour experience, two revolutionary leaders, best-selling authors, professional members of the National Speakers Association, and creators of The You-Print™, Dr. Sherri Yoder and Crystel Lynn Smith shrewdly reveal the critical missing elements for today’s working world and what employers and leaders must do to win the current attraction and retention war for top talent! Participants will also receive:

  1. Organizational Employee Engagement Assessment
  2. Assessment Results, Analysis, and Recommendations
  3. Organizational Talent Acquisition and Retention Guide
  4. Amazon’s New-Release Best-Seller “It’s All About Me!”

Exclusive access to the Organizational Transformation Experience™ 12-module Online Course (With unlimited replay access)

Become the master of and implement the 12 critical elements that lead to an organization’s ultimate viability and sustainability. No more wasting time sifting through countless books or attending multiple corporate training sessions and attempting to piece it all together. 


Each course module will provide instruction and opportunity to develop and implement one of the 12 critical elements to winning the war for talent! No more going to a seminar only to go back to traditional habits. This is the time for implementation and transformation!

All modules will be available for unlimited replay! Watch, learn, and transform your organization at any time!

The Organizational Transformation Experience™ Online Course:


1.       Discover Your You-Print™: Discover and leverage your most valuable and overlooked asset; the blueprint to guarantee your success!

*Additional Assessment $20.00 (Optional)

2.       Illuminate Your Expertise: Highlight your opportunity to share your expertise in a way that ensures you have set the stage for the success of each of your employees! 

3.       Capitalize the Value: Achieve optimum levels of performance and growth through research-based appreciation practices!

*Additional Assessment $15.00 (Optional)

4.       Maximize Inclusion: Discover the unique opportunity to gain and capitalize on the invaluable insight and intellect of every employee!

5.       Actualize Employee You-Print™: Unlock the power of aligning talent with performance to increase productivity, profitability and retention!

6.       Mold the Masterpiece: Realize immediate gain with intentional talent development! Uncover the deft hand and rewarding work required to capitalize on your employees and turn your organization into a workplace masterpiece where your business and your employees thrive!

7.       Meet the Matchmaker: Ensure that every employee is playing the part that allows their talents to shine and their performance to soar!

8.       Equip to Execute: Equip every employee with everything they need to do their work efficiently, effectively, and with zest!

9.       Measure to Top Performance: Apply the tenets of accurate, effective, and developmental performance initiatives that increase company morale, productivity, employee retention, and customer loyalty!

10.    Optimize The Employee Experience™: Create optimal reward systems that intentionally and accurately motivate your team members. Learn how to deliver the ultimate incentives that drive team unity and success!

11.    Activate Your Influence: Confidentially claim your position as an influential leader! Master the art of influence, learn how to create movements that matter, and establish a dynamic following.

12.    Cultivate the Connection: Create a culture of work-life integration that increases employee loyalty, retention, transparency, authenticity, and organizational success! 

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