Celebrating Valentine's Day for Seniors

While Valentine's Day is most commonly celebrated by couples focusing on romantic love, it doesn't have to be only that. It can also be time to show appreciation and affection for others in your life, including seniors. After all, there's no time like the present for celebrating the people you love, and Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to break out the cards and cake. 


Here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with seniors:

1. Decorate, it's candy for the eyes

Cards, mementos, red roses, simple wreaths -- a little touch of festivity is sure to bring some cheer and warmth.

2. Savor some sweet treats

You may be past the heart-shaped candies with cute sayings imprinted on them, or who knows, maybe you and your loved one share a sweet tooth. Bring (or bake!) something fun and sugary for a special treat.

3. Share an experience

While a thoughtfully chosen gift can show your affection, so can a thoughtfully planned experience. Research shows that we gain more happiness from experiences than from things, and your loved one is sure to enjoy spending time together. Watch a movie, get tickets for a game, or go shopping. If you can't physically make it over, consider FaceTiming or calling on the phone. Those moments will make good memories.

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