Ideas for Simplifying Every Day Around the House

Here's a list of ideas that can simplify life, make life a little safer, or less inconvenient:

  • Extra-long tongs for kitchen tasks can reduce the chance of burns when reaching over the stove top while cooking.
  • Key Finder - simply click the button on the handset device and the corresponding remote, which you have already attached to your keyring, will beep.
  • Car Finder - have you ever walked out of the store and couldn't remember where you parked your car? There is a device you plug in to your car's cigarette lighter that can interact with your smartphone to let you know where your car is.
  • Electronic pill boxes - these can store up to one month of medication and will dispense the correct one at the correct time, while sounding an alert. There are many varieties available and all have different features, so do your research!
  • Wireless motion-detecting outdoor lights can provide better security around your home.
  • Organize - The less clutter that is around the house, the easier it is to maintain. Take another look at the items in the house, and clear out anything that is piling up or taking over it's current space. It might be time to re-organize the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, so that often-used items are in an easier-to-reach location. Same goes for closets. Shoes or hats that were up on a high shelf or on the floor might be easier to reach if they are stored in an over-the-door organizer with pockets (for shoes and belts) or clips (for hats). Sweaters that are folded on a high shelf might be stored instead in a tall, narrow hanging organizer with shelves that hangs right next to your clothes.




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