Preparing for Aging in Place

You don't need to wait to improve the accessibility of your house. You can anticipate aging in place and make some changes now.

Sometimes aging in place home modifications can benefit everyone who is living in the house.

In kitchens, faucets that turn on and off automatically (motion-activated) and easier-to-grasp cabinet and door pulls are just a couple of ideas that can be put in place now.

Consider modifying the home so that a kitchen, shower, and bedroom are all on one level. If that is out of the question, then a chair lift is a good option. Grab bars are now being designed to blend in with the bathroom and double as towel bars, toilet tissue holders, and soap holders. Pull-out shelves are much more convenient than cabinets. Appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers can be raised or installed on platforms for easier access. Roll-in showers or low-threshold showers can replace bathtubs, which require stepping over and possibly losing one's balance. A seat can be added to the shower along with a handheld shower head.

Access in and out of the house should be considered. Ramps and railings should be considered. Levers are easier to operate than doorknobs. Toilets that are higher than the average are also a recommendation.