Adult Medical Day Services

A licensed adult medical day center services adults with mental or physical disabilities who wish to live in the community but cannot remain at home alone during the day. It provides daytime care usually in a group setting outside the person's home. In most cases, the person has a caregiver who works outside the home or needs a break from caregiving during the day but provides care on evenings and weekends. Participants may attend five days a week or only a few days each week.

Applicants for adult medical day care must meet eligibility requirements which are based on age, the amount of supervision and assistance needed, and the location of the residence. It's important to choose the right facility that can meet your needs and is in your price range.

Once a facility has been selected and and the person is eligible, there will be a pre-admission medical assessment. Staff will request a medical history and a physical form completed by the applicant's physician.  The center's staff will also complete an assessment. A nurse will make a physical assessment at the facility, and a social worker may visit the applicant's home to observe and assess the living situation and possibly suggest other services if needed.