What's New in Hearing Aid Technology?

Apps for Hearing Aids and Smartphones - There are now all types of apps that can help with hearing, such as apps to adjust hearing aids, apps that allow Smartphones to perform like generic hearing aids, apps that help with tinnitus, and apps that provide captioning. The audio of an iPhone, iPad®, and iPod® Touch can be made to wirelessly stream to both hearing aids. There are also solutions for single-sided deafness.

Hearing aid manufacturers have created bluetooth compatible devices that wirelessly connect to hearing aids. Instead of raising the television volume, avoiding phone conversations, or continually asking what others are saying, these new types of devices can provide a great benefit.

There are new technologies that automatically focus on and amplify the source of speech in a crowded room, automatically adjust to multiple listening environments, and automatically detect and eliminate feedback (whistling) before it begins.

Contact an audiologist in your area to find out about these new technologies.


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