Is Swimming a Good Exercise for Seniors?

Here's a link to an interesting article on exercise, and answers the question: Is Swimming a Good Exercise for Seniors?

The article mentions the following benefits of swimming:

  • Swimming increases oxygen distribution to the entire body.
  • Swimming helps reduce body fat, tone muscles and increase the lean muscle stamina and endurance.
  • Swimming activates all large muscle groups of the body, while other exercises isolate fewer muscles.
  • Swimming is easy on the joints, increases flexibility, tones and shapes muscles.
  • Swimming reduces the risks of osteoporosis and heart disease and engages a healthy state of mind.
  • Swimming lets you exercise without pressure on the joints.
  • Can lead to Improved flexibility which can allow for better posture, less soreness and a low rate of injuries.
  • Safer way to do Balance exercises.
  • Swimming relieves stress and improves the mood.
  • Social activity.