Many Seniors Still Not Using Latest Technology

An April 3, 2014 Research Report by Pew Research Center conducted research to find out how technology is being used not only between seniors but between seniors and others. The research shows that 59% of seniors report they go online and 47% reported having a high-speed broadband connection. 77% of older adults have a cell phone. 41% of those polled say they do not use the internet at all. Use of the Internet among seniors drops off starting at about age 75.

What are some of the reasons why seniors may not embrace technology? Physical conditions, disabilities, chronic health issues, belief that they are not missing out on anything, and difficulty in learning new technology are some of the reasons.

Cell phones: more than half of all Americans have a smartphone but only about 18% of older adults have one. Many older adults (77%) have a cell phone but most of these are basic cell phones.

Tablets: About 27% of seniors own a tablet, e-book reader, or both.